Monday, April 25, 2011

The Silicon Valley Life

I’m extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and I dream of having a company which will positively impact millions of lives. As part of my quest, I decided to move to Mountain View, in the heart of Silicon Valley. It’s been a thrilling experience, full of events, conferences, meet ups, product brainstorming, design discussions, and much more. Every day, I feel more empowered to change the world.

I’m starting this blog for several reasons:

  • Share my experience: I believe most of the lessons I learn in Silicon Valley can benefit entrepreneurs around the world (and many times non-entrepreneurs as well)
  • Start conversations about entrepreneurship: I’m always interested in learning alternate opinions and different thoughts around start ups, products, funding, etc. Please feel free to speak up here.
  • Give you a heads up about events in the area: if you are in Silicon Valley, I’ll be sharing with you the different events I’ll be attending over each week.
I’m excited to share my journey with you! Feel free to comment here or send me any feedback you may have to

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