Monday, May 9, 2011

GreenGoose: Play Real Life

This past week’s SVNewTech Meetup had very interesting demos. One that particularly caught my attention was GreenGoose.

Imagine that life was a game, and every time you drank water, brushed your teeth or rode your bike, for example, you could get points. GreenGoose mission is exactly that: to transform everyday things into a fun game.

They have these adorable, puffy stickers which contain a wireless sensor that measures how you’re interacting with everyday objects. At this point, they are still focusing in a few dozen objects, as each sensor looks for different specific movements.

So, how does it work? Let’s say you glue a sticker on a bottle of water. That sticker looks for interactions with that bottle (for example, you turn the bottle towards you to get a sip) and sends that information to a base station. The reach of the sensor is very similar to the range of your car key, so not bad at all. Once the base station has shared the info over the net, you can see your profile of lifestyle points achieved:

The site is still in beta, and ordering stickers is coming up soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how their offering evolves.

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  1. Unusual, but awesome idea. I love the idea of bringing game dynamics to life, especially with today's world it seems like a great opportunity to grow with!!